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Silence Love Line

On a warm day,

A girl saw the boy in a disgusting look.

Fate brought them together. He tried to talked to her but she hated to talk with him. He didn't stop because of that, and he continued the conversation.

She saw him like a villain and not as a friend,

But he saw her like a good girl

He started staring at her face which made she felt little nervous. She hate it but he still continued to stare. It made her felt little disturbed but she was unchanged.

Later, the boy started knowing about the girl by asking her closest people without her knowing it. One day she caught him but didn't try to make a big issue of it.

Later, one fine day his actions make her lose her patience which finally made her, ask him about his actions.

She met and started shouting at him.

Girl-What is wrong with you?

Boy- Did i talk you anytime?

She replied No.

He further asked- Did I disturb you?

She replied then replied with a no.

The boy further asked- Then what's wrong with me?

She then asked)- Why are you asking about me from my friends? To which he replied because she don't like to talk to him.

She replied- Look Mr., and I am Ms. I don't like to talk to you so please stop this nonsense. She shouted a lot and concluded with a goodbye to him.

Later, he never tried to know about her and one day he asked her that he want to talk to her once to which she said okay.

He asked her- do you believe in love at first sight? And She replied No.

He said I don't know why but I strongly believed in it when I first saw her.

"Honestly, when I first met you I didn't know you are going to be important to me. I love you and I always love you even if you hate me." said him.

After a lot of days, her close friends asked her- "Why do you hate him a lot?", she replied as tears rolled down her eyes, " Because I love him the most. I fell in love with him eveb before he started love me." Her friend replied- " Then why are you doing all this?.

She replied that it because of his parents. Friend- What? She replied with a yes and continued to speak- "His parents met me & said that

they want to see him become a Doctor but because of me, he is refusing to go oversees, for studies. Her friend replied that then atleast tell him you love him too. She replied with a 'No', and continued- 'I won't I will always be his love & I will wait for him to return'.

After 8 years,

He came back home and he expected that she would have got married but she was living with his memories. He met her and he asked her- Did you get married?

She said yes which made him feel sad but he replied 'oh, congrats...'

He then asked her- 'When did you get married?'

She said 8 years back.

He asked 'really? But when? 8 years back means I was here.'

She replied- 'Yes, 8 years with you and you are always here with me.'

He felt shocked and he burst into tears.

Moral: Love doesn't need talks, chats, calls, etc. It needs understanding, hope and a bunch of patience.

Conclusion: They take their parents permission and get married and stopped living with memories to started living with each other.

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