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SCRATCH TO SASS :A tale of evolution


I stacked my set of today’s lies with yesterday’s.Near to it stood one big heap of masks I wore for these days..It had already worn out.I think I will have to reuse them because I haven’t stocked anymore.Unsettled days in the world of uncertainty.I sat in that corner of my room…it’s not because that’s my favorite corner..it’s because sitting there I will just have to face a blank wall and not the unfamiliar realities..I took my favorite book.It was my escapade

My reality was not harsh as the authors call it…it was rather bland …It had no flavors.

I had come to this new city for my new government job.It was not something I struggled through the storms for…It was something my destiny brought to me…

What are you doing here?I had asked this question to myself several times.I had heard myself scream inside each time I see heaps of files on my desk.This dusty,befouled land did not win my heart.My uncle said that I was a pampered child …. maybe I was one.

I had been pampering myself too much …too much of fun in life I had back there…What if this is my life?What if I had to build my home here?

A hurricane of emotions and questionnaires conquered my mind…..

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door.It was Rukkumma.She had brought my dinner.I took a vision of the tray she carried….the roti reminded me the dry day I had…I shifted my eyes to her…. She had indeed succeeded in her competition of giving her teeth a tint of blood red color with the paan she devoured dawn to dusk…..

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