RabNe Banadi Jodi

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

There is an young man whose name is Karthik. During his school days he met a girl named Kushi where he have seen rest of his life in her and started admiring her. As shown in the films there is no lightening or no colorful rainbow in the sky. But he completely lost himself in her and started believing that she will makes his life colorful.

The level he addicted to her is he started watching serials which she is interested in instead of watching his favorite sports in TV. His friends started making fun of him saying that he gone mad and everyone thought he forgot her once he entered in higher education.

But he is the only one who knows how much he is worshipping her. There is an incredible wall constructed between her and outside world. He was locked in the room of her thoughts and imagination where the key is missing. Both of them never talked with each other even Kushi may seen him very few times. But she too know that he is devoting her. Earlier she doesn’t think about him but gradually she too start loving him because in her life he is the only one who never tried to impress her he never acted in front of her. He tried to be what actually he was. But they haven’t expressed their love with each other or even doesn’t expected anything from one another. Because they know if loving someone truly means then there will be no expectations takes place only loving to the infinity without any boundaries will be happen.

Unfortunately due to higher studies their paths where separated but not their hearts, they were at far away from one another. Karthik went to other state for engineering they both do not have any communication from then. Karthik got placed in a MNC company. Kushi 2 selected to national levels in a game which is the favorite sports of Karthik. They reached the milestones and their goals have achieved still they are not able to take proper nap because they are waken up in each other dreams every time. But for both of them a fear started growing in them whether they get a chance to express their true love with each other. They don’t have any common friends contacts with them. They don’t have any sources to talk with each other.

A miracle has happened in their lives when their parents have conducted a party in order to unite them. It is proven that if we truly loves someone then the entire world will come forward to support and rejoin us with our loved ones. The time they meet they haven’t spoken single word with each other but they heard the tunes played by their hearts in love and joy. Instead of dictating any words or lines they dedicated their lives.

They may not die or take rebirth for one another but until their end their love will never have an end.

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