• Leela Oduri

Life of a Girl

As a baby in womb; she was killed by doing abotion,

As a child; she was always ignored by the society,

As a sibling; she has to adjust in every little thing,

As a girl; she has to face many problems with her periods,

As a girl friend; she has to be used for many needs,

As a teenager; she was raped by many bastards,

As a partner; she has to sacrifice her work life,

As a pregnant; she has to carry her baby for 9 months in her womb,

As a mother; she has to take care of everyone in her family,

As a women; She has to serve her life to her family like a servant,

As a old women; she was moved to the old age home by her family force!


As a doll; A girl can be played by the society in every phase of her life!

I wondered that is she a girl or a toy to be played by everyone.

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