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Improve your soft skills by sitting at home

Just by doing a few things and joining a community, you can improve yourself in speaking, listening, debating, writing, interviewing and group discussion. Also, participate in MUNs for personality development.

A Skill is nothing but expertise or ability in doing or performing something unique. Skills are of many types- doing artwork, singing, dancing, oratory skills, etc. There are a total of two types of skills. These are hard skills and soft skills.

As per definition soft skills stand for a combination of interpersonal, communication and social skills. Unlike hard skills, there is actually no way to acquire these skills on your own, through associative-learning. For learning coding, you can be taught, but for you to say, talk/interact with people; it cannot be taught as such. Soft skills mostly remain the same irrespective of the subject or job you do. That is why HR round is almost the same in all kinds of a job recruitment drive.

Soft skills are the most wanted type of skill in the 21st century. According to Weforum and Deloitte Report for 2019, soft skills are the most demanded by companies around the globe. One of the main reason being, it determines your role in the workspace, amongst your peers, subordinates and seniors. You will require to interact with a different type of people in different ways. There is actually no strict rules on how to actually interact/talk, it is rather an art which you can develop only through practice and improving. You don’t have any kind of level/merit system here. Apart from this diverse knowledge, critical thinking is equally important.


Often you see, that companies―whether it is campus placement or off-campus recruitment or even job interviews for govt. job; focus more on your way of answering and the impression you give. You are tested for soft skills in many ways like in different tasks as follows-

  • Just A Minute (JAM), where you are given a topic and expected to speak on spot for one minute. You are not given enough time to think or make it up like a formal speech. This is how interviewers tend to make you uncomfortable and test how you handle the pressure.

  • Group Discussions (GD), where you are part of a group and given a topic to discuss amongst yourself. You are expected to get involved in the same, but at the same time not to dominate oneself and not allowing others to speak. Often they give topics which are binary in nature, where you can either agree with the topic or disagree and respectively substantiate them. The most important part here is to listen and collaborate and not overpower.

  • Interview, You as a potential candidate is interviewed/questioned by a panel of one or more. There are two types of interviews- technical and non-technical. In the technical one, you are asked about your subject, your degree, fact-based questions, etc. In the non-technical one, you are asked a simple question, but might require good thinking, like you are given different scenarios and how will you handle them, explain your college/college life, previous job experience, why do you want to join here, can you explain about the leadership roles you have undertaken etc. Often interviews do look into your dressing style, way of communication, facial expression, your way of handling pressure and stress from the questions asked as well as your knowledge. Often interview is the last task of recruitment.

Acing in all these would like simple right now, but during a test, you be extremely under pressure and stress which can get things complicated and given put things out of your hands. This is why you need confidence. This is why not just expertise helps, you need something which will be able to present yourself extremely well.

Soft skills are not just meant for the test alone.You require it throughout your lives,amongst your family,friends,workplace etc

Here is what you can do to improve your soft skills just by sitting at home this pandemic-

  1. Just dial up your friend- Have a conversation in English. It is challenging for most of them to try speaking in English and you need to get out of that fear.

  2. Try talking to your family members in English as well, talk to them in a different context and see how you handle it differently.

  3. Have a group discussion with the best of your peers on a familiar topic. You can change the level of the topic as you like. You can talk about your views, your concerns etc.

  4. Participate in debate contests- After you just learnt to have a normal discussion, you can go for a debate, and later challenge yourself by taking the opposite view and defend it.

  5. Ask your friends/family members to put random topics for you and you can talk a minute or so on it.

  6. Start a journal/blog pin down your thoughts and opinions

If you are interested in writing blogs, articles,poems etc. Hurry up we are providing you the platform to present it to everyone. Just mail your work to teamvaagmi@gmail.com or via whats app to 7012910210 along with your name. What are you waiting for, Unleash the writer inside you!!!

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